10 Tips To Sell Your Home In The Winter

Dated: 12/09/2015

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Spring time is usually considered a busier season for real estate markets than in the winter. However with a lower inventory of houses on the market, home owners often find less competition when selling their home. Buyers may be changing jobs, getting into a home before the end of the tax year, or simply still searching for a home they couldn't find during the fall. If you do end up trying to sell your home in the winter, here are ten tips that will make your house stand our from the rest of the pack!

1. Clean all windows throughly to allow the most natural light possible.

2. Clean all dust and put extra lamps in dimly lit corners for best ambiance.

3. Clear and salt/sand all walkways to avoid potential buyers falling and injuring themselves.

4. Leave a chair or bench near the front door to allow potential buyers to sit down in order to remove their shoes, keeping the carpet clean.

5. Throw away anything you haven't touched in six months to avoid clutter.

6. Set the thermostat to 67 degrees to make potential buyers feel warm when walking in from the cold, while also not wasting unnecessary energy.

7. Make the home feel cheery and inviting with holiday scents by putting up a Christmas tree, or lighting cinnamon/vanilla candles during showings.

8. Have your real estate agent put pictures of the home in the summer time online, as well as hanging up summertime pictures throughout the home so prospective buyers can see what the house looks like during different seasons.

9. Don't overdo the Christmas decorations to avoid alienating potential buyers that practice a different religion.

10. Clear all hanging icicles that may fall from the home and injury anyone coming to view it.

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